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Life's Illuminating Perspective

Your position in life. The choices you make. Your success. Is a product of how you see the world.

Your perspective drives your motivations. Your desires.

What you think about. What you focus on. What you spend your time on.

It’s your point of view. Your belief system. Your answer to "Why?"

But try not to think of perspective in terms of right or wrong.

Try to think of it in terms of broad and narrow, or one sided.

We never see the whole picture. We only see a narrow sliver of it.

Perspective is infinite. Only the Omniscient see its entirety.

But we often believe that our perspective is the way things are. The whole truth.

Thus it shapes our beliefs, and in so doing, guides our thoughts, our choices, our trajectory.

Perspective separates the visionaries from the uninspired.

The true achievers from the unfortunate.

The enlightened from the confused.

It's the difference in the world.

While your perspective changes over time—it expands and develops—it's uniquely yours.

Focus on it. Develop it.

Through life's journey, be curious, be thoughtful, be open.

Seek other views. Connect overlapping truths. Grow with epiphany.

Life is about perspective.

—James Thornton

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Lock Bumping and Home Owner's Insurance

One of the biggest problems with lock bumping burglaries is there is no sign of forced entry. In legal speak, "it may not show any forensic indicia of such attack." This can cause trouble for you if you get bumped, especially if there is a mysterious-disappearance exception within your insurance policy, which is common.

This exception means that your insurance provider my deny your claim and refuse coverage for unexplained loss or inventory shortage if there is no proof of entry because they can assume the door was left unlocked. However, some insurance companies will give you a discount on your insurance if you install high-security (anti-bump) locks.

You should check with your insurance carrier to determine the limits of coverage and if you get a discount for installing high-security locks.

Lock Bumping & Your Home-Owner's Insurance Policy

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